» The Hippest of Hops drinking game

Buckle up, folks; here’s the Hippest of Hops drinking game!  If you really feel like punishing your liver as you listen to the show with a tasty beverage in your hand, do the following:

Drink every time someone mentions flinging the poo-poo

Drink every time the poo-poo flinging sound effect is made

Drink if Catherine gives a “The more you know”

Drink if we mention Sublimely Self-Righteous, Fuller’s, SpontanCherry, or Abraxas

Drink if we hearken back to the Big Boys episode

Drink any time we engage in homo-eroticism

Drink any time we drop a nerd reference

Three drinks if James addresses a certain segment of our audience

Three drinks any time anyone mentions “The multi-national media conglomerate known as the Hippest of Hops”

Huge gulp the moment you realize the panelists are all tanked


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