» Oregon mini-show part 6 – Fort George Brewery

1811 Lager – 5.1%.  Mild lager aroma.  Looks like a typical American lager with yellow hue and decent white head.  Very mild pilsner character.  One of the best examples of the style I’ve ever had.  8.1

Quick Wit – 5.2%.  Aroma of coriander and lemon.  Very smooth and refreshing ale.  Less spice on the finish than usual for a wit.  7.7

Sunrise Oatmeal Pale Ale – 5.5%.  Aroma of strong citrus with malty undertones.  Medium/full bodied.  Smooth flavor with lots of citrus, light malt character.  8.6

Nut Red Ale – 5.1%.  Aroma is caramel sweet and malty.  Taste is complex malt flavors, good caramel notes.  7.8

The Optimist – 6.0%.  Light golden color, crystal clear with no haze.  Aroma of citrus hops and maltiness, with a nice crisp lingering hop bitterness at the finish.  Interesting yeast profile.  8.2

Vortex IPA – 7.7%, 97 IBU.  Aroma of pine and citrus.  Dark golden color.  Good, thick body and maltiness.  Lingering bitterness and pine flavor at the tail end.  8.5

Working Girl Porter – 4.7%.  Deep brown color.  Aroma is incredibly roasty and robust.  Medium body.  Nice lingering roast character with chocolate hints.  A very nice porter that doesn’t try to do too much.  8.7

Cavatica Stout – 8.8%.  Aroma is a subdued roast character with chocolate and coffee.  Full bodied.  Very balanced beer, but hop bitterness lingering on the tongue.  Yum.  9.3

3-Way IPA – 5.7%.  Collaboration with Georgetown and pFriem.  Light golden color.  Aroma is strong floral hops.  Light/medium body.  Citrus hops are stronger on the flavor.  Balanced beer with a mild malt character to showcase the hops.  Lingering bitterness on finish.  Very nice.  9.4

Spruce Bud – 4.9%.  Aroma is pine needles and spice.  Very dry flavor, vegetal character.  Very unique.  6.5

Truffle Shuffle Stout – 7.2%.  Black as pitch, with a good roasted malt aroma.  Medium/full bodied, strong roasted character with chocolate and smoke, without overwhelming the senses.  Earthy, lingering flavor, likely from the truffles.  Outstanding.  9.5

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