» Oregon mini-show part 5 – Cascade Brewing

Cascade Brewing

First an apology for not being as detailed on these reviews.  We went to Cascade twice while we were in town, but we had company the first time so I wasn’t able to take the same level of notes.  While I’m making excuses, the amazing quality of the beer was a bit distracting as well.

Apricot Ale 2014– 8.5%.  Nose is strong apricot, lacto sour and a bit of brett funk.  Taste is more of the same, with a great apricot flavor sourness finishing with a bit of funk.  Wonderful.  9.8

Noyaux 2013 – 8.9%.  Nose is raspberry and nuts.  Taste is an amazing batch of stone fruit, nuttiness, berry and a strong sourness.  One of the finest beers I’ve ever had.  10

Blueberry 2014 – 7.3%.  Aroma is pure blueberry and sour.  Taste is more tart and funk blueberry juice.  Less acidity than the first two.  9.5

Sang Royal 2012 – 10.1%.  A blend of reds aged on cabernet sauvignon grapes blended with reds from port and pinot noir barrels.  Nose of fruit, oak and a touch of vinegar.  Taste of berries, wine and sour, with a nice dry finish.  Really blurs the beer/wine line.  Awesome.  10

Sang Rouge 2013 – 8%.  Aroma of lacto sour and oak, some cherry notes.  Taste is cherry and red grape, good oak character without dominating, milder sour character than the previous beers.  9.6

Blackberry Ale 2014 – 7%.  Nose of berry, oak and tartness.  Flavor features much more fruit sweetness than sour compared to the others, but still a lemon lacto character.  Yum.  9.3

The Vine 2013 – 8.8%.  Grape character dominates both the aroma and taste.  Dry finish reminds of a chardonnay wine.  9.4

Strawberry 2014 and 2012 – 7.1%.  The 2014 tastes of strawberry juice and vanilla.  Much more tart than sour, but with the wonderful strawberry character that brings a sweetness to complement.  The 2012 version amps up the lacto bite and lessens the vanilla, making it a much more sour experience and less of a dessert style.  Both versions are amazing.  9.9

Cranberry 2014 – 7%.  Aroma of berries and spice, more tart than sour.  Taste is berries, spice, and citrus character.  Very unique and complex.  9.0

Aviation Tartini 2015 – 7.8%.  I’m not even a gin drinker, but I tried this after a recommendation from the manager, Grant.  Blonde and wheat ale blend aged in gin barrels from Aviation distillery with gin botanicals.  Very herbal aroma of juniper berry.  Taste is very tart and minty.  I actually was very pleasantly surprised.  8.6

Diesel 2012 – 8.8%.  Nose is chocolate, roasted malt and vanilla from the bourbon.  Taste is more of the same.  Incredibly well balanced, the bourbon adds flavor without becoming the focus.  Wonderful imperial stout, it makes me wish I’d had more time to try their non-sour beers.  9.7

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