» Oregon Mini-show part 4 – Deschutes

Deschutes is actually brewed in Bend, OR, but we visited their brewpub in Portland.  Not only did we have a fantastic meal, but we had a serious flight of beers:

Marionberry Wit – 5.6%, 16 IBU.  Hazy pink color with a creamy, white head.  Beautiful beer to look at.  Aroma is tart berry.  Taste is berry sweetness, tart flavor bordering on sour and slight coriander.  Crisp and refreshing.  I’m not generally a big fan of wits, but this is great.  8.8

Zarabanda – 6.3%, 18 IBU.  Barnyard funk and lemons on the nose.  Taste is Earthy and black pepper, with lime on the finish.  Really unique saison, and so well done.  9.3

Drought Harvest – 6.5%, 32 IBU.  Grapefruit citrus and a bit of funk on the nose.  Taste is citrus and spice, with a bit of that Belgian yeast character on the finish.  Spicy hops stand out, and a bit of tartness on the finish.  8.3

Pinedrops IPA – Aroma is pine and sharp citrus.  Taste of malt sweetness sandwiched between pine, with some tropical fruit on the tail end.  Finishes with a long, bitter finish.  I’m not a pine hop guy, but this is really good.  8.8

Inversion IPA (Cask) – 6.8%, 80 IBU.  Nose of caramel malt sweetness, pineapple and orange.  Lots of that citrus flavor up front where the hops are strong, then moves to a more lemon character, before finishing with the strong malt backbone.  Very nice.  8.9

Plum Runner – 9.4%. 18 IBU.  Deep mahogany color.  Aroma of strong plum, raisin and alcohol.  Tastes of chocolate, plum and spice.  Alcohol warming and a finish of alcohol and candi sugar.  Another great beer.  9.4

The Stoic – 11%, 20 IBU.  Aroma of dark fruit and berry.  Taste is Belgian dark fruit, pomegranate, a bit of character from the wine barrel aging, but not much from the bourbon barrel aging.  Hides the 11% well.  Wonderfully complex beer.  9.5

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