» Oregon Mini-Show Part 1 – Full Sail Brewing

Full Sail picI just got back from a trip to Oregon and managed to get to a bunch of brewpubs and breweries on my bucket (pint?) list.  Since I didn’t have the panel with me I didn’t record any audio, but I’ll be posting my own reviews and ratings of the beers every couple of days.

First up, we have Full Sail Brewing from Hood River, OR:

Session Premium Lager – 5.1%, 18 IBU.  Pours yellow with a decent amount of white head.  Taste is malt heavy with a bit of earthy hop character. A bit amped up for an american style lager, which makes it better than expected, but just not a style that does much for me on a personal level.  5.0

Session Black Lager – 5.4%, 22 IBU.  Pours a dark reddish brown.  Aroma of chocolate and toffee.  Good balance of caramel and mild hops, finishing with loads more chocolate.  Very easy beer to drink.  8.0

Amber Ale – 6.0%, 31 IBU.  Their flagship, first brewed in 1987, making it the oldest beer of its style brewed in the Northwest, as it beat Rogue’s American Amber by a year.  Pours a nice amber color with caramel and hop presence on the nose.  Taste is the malty backbone you’d expect, but I was pretty surprised at the noticeable hop presence in a beer first brewed 28 years ago.   7.6

Session IPA – 5.1%, 47 IBU.  Aroma of citrus and a grassy undertone.  Taste is a light maltiness with citrus notes.  Much better than ratebeer would have had me believe.  7.2

Cascade Pilsner – 6%, 60 IBU.  Pours a clear golden with a decent, off-white head.  Cascade hops are obviously the focus here, as I smell citrus and pine.  Taste is lightly malty and a bit dry, with a great amount of hop character.  A pilsner that feels very Northwest.  Very well done beer!  8.8

Cascade St. IPA – 6%, 60 IBU.  Aroma of citrus and pine.  Mild malty sweetness and then a finish of strong citrus hops.  Could use a bit more malt, but a very solid beer.  7.8

Oatmeal Stout – 5.5%, 51 IBU.  Aroma of roast malts and dark fruit, some nutty character.  Tons of roasted character, which puts in right in my wheelhouse.  Tastes of coffee and chocolate, creamy mouthfeel.  Wonderful beer!  9.2



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